There’s a lot of things I don’t understand I try so hard to make my plans I keep on running where is the end I doubt I’ll find it with these two hands A broken heart a broken man Searching for healing I’ll take a stand It never ends, it never ends. How come I … More

Part 1

There’s a lot of confusion When it comes to my past So many memories that I’ll never get back And many words said that I’ll always regret If writing is therapy then I’ve found my path Picking through my mind while throwing out the trash Holding on to good, letting go of the bad I’m … More


Living the past like a lucid dream Trying to grasp the fact that things aren’t what they seem As I give it my all, what becomes of me If I’m living in the past like a lucid dream. Six years later, cast off to sea Living the farm life my sisters and me Taken away … More


I’m getting restless And she can’t fix it It comes from a heart thats dark and twisted I’m lonely inside, so nobody can witness The things of my mind Yes Im pained with sickness Surrounded by some people That I’m supposed to be friends with They can’t see my soul They don’t really know Though […]


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