There’s a lot of things I don’t understand
I try so hard to make my plans
I keep on running where is the end
I doubt I’ll find it with these two hands
A broken heart a broken man
Searching for healing I’ll take a stand
It never ends, it never ends.

How come I feel so low?
Why do I feel like I never grow
Being tortured by the things below
Can I find my escape, I do not know

Well NF is my inspiration
Goosebumps and deep sensations
Words from my heart here on these pages
Thoughts running wild there’s no vacation
Overloaded, my mind is breaking
Trying to outrun my temptations
There’s no hiding, there’s no fakin
Heart opened wide, yelling where’s my placement
Can I make it? Help me make it.

God here’s my all, this is my statement.


  1. You should listen to NF’s new song Change if you haven’t already… I really like that one. I love how he is confessing he needs a change & needs God in that song.


    1. Oh Amanda! I have listened to the album through multiple times since it dropped! Love Changes. Love the whole thing. I’ve been an NF fan for 5 years!


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