lucid-dream-control-neurosicnecneewsLiving the past like a lucid dream
Trying to grasp the fact that things aren’t what they seem
As I give it my all, what becomes of me

If I’m living in the past like a lucid dream.

Six years later, cast off to sea
Living the farm life my sisters and me
Taken away from my mom, how could it be
Oh yea, thats not the truth, she gave away me
Life’s real hard now, I can not breath

Feels like I’m living in the past like a lucid dream

Parents became weary, and so did we
On to a new house at the age of sixteen
Things were so great all the sex and things
Distracted of the pain growing inside of me
Till one day I broke down so sad to see

Truly aware now, of this long lucid dream

I finally awoke so I thought I was free
Until I saw all these chains holding on to me
Reliving the past, through my therapy
Alcohol and drugs, life opened up me
The strife, my wife, hurt as could be

Please wake me up now, from this long lucid dream

Just eight months later, counselor so proud of me
I’m becoming the man I was meant to be
The story will go on, transformed for all to see

That I finally found freedom from this long lucid dream.


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