Placeholder ImageI’m getting restless
And she can’t fix it
It comes from a heart thats dark and twisted
I’m lonely inside, so nobody can witness
The things of my mind
Yes Im pained with sickness

Surrounded by some people
That I’m supposed to be friends with
They can’t see my soul
They don’t really know
Though I smile as I’m told
Because Gods joy is mine to hold

Can I find the strength to let go?
Can I find peace? Where is the road?
Blinded and beaten, Im about to unfold

BUT I must stand, stand for whats whole.
Lord I don’t know, I just don’t know.




  1. I’ve never been through what you have. I can’t even Imagine. I do Know the One who does know. He knows our soul. Our Creator.
    Hebrews‬ ‭11:1‬ ‭Comes to mind. God can reveal hearts to one person praying for another. Continue to pray together and for each other. Eventually that will make the gap smaller to non-existent. I love you Son, but God Loves you more vastly and deeply than you could ever imagine ❤️ Mom/Mary

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    1. You are surrounded by some awesome people Chris. I truly believe that you will find the path you are searching for. And I believe you certainly ARE the Loving and Kind man we all know you to be. Keep the communication going, I think it is good to express yourself and what you are feeling. We love you Chris!


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